Free Application

  • 1


    Allows you to record short message and send it to device, and vice versa.

  • 2


    Allows you to search the last position of the watch and show it on the map, in real-time.

  • 3


    The application can search the movement of the device and calculate how many steps have been made during the day.

  • 4


    Allows you to search the historical route and show it on the map

  • 5


    Allows you to set a geo-fence and sends a message when the watch strides the geo-fence.

  • 6


    The application can send you low-battery message, SOS message from the watch.

  • 7


    Your kid can set an alarm clock on the watch.

  • 8

    Find watch

    The application sends a signal; the device will ring until you find it.

  • 9


    Allows you to send rewards to the device, like hearts to show some love to your kid during the day.

  • 10


    The application is available in 15 languages and allows you to set 3 SOS numbers to call by pressing one button, the working mode, the shutdown command.

Forget your fears
with Smartwatch

Potential risks for kids without Smartwatch:

Chance that your kid will communicate with strangers
Risk of getting lost in the street or getting in trouble
Risk of getting lost in the crowd, left behind in the store
Loss of conventional mobile and lack of communication with parents
Chance that your child is kidnapped
Risk of moral / physical violence from persons accompanying the child
Risk of getting lost in a foreign country, without guide
Risk that your kid is not telling you were he is

The first Smartwatch for kids in Belgium

Smartwatch for kids with GPS tracker

Smartwatch for kids with GPS tracker - is the world's coolest real-time GPS location device created specifically for children age 3 and up. Let your child explore the world safely with the most reliable child locator watch. It’s light weight and even resists dirt and water. Provide kids the freedom they need to be kids.

You will receive all the necessary instructions for use and installation on your email. Track your kid and ensure maximum child safety.
89 €
69 €


Is the device available now?
YES. Orders placed by noon are shipped within a business day.
Where do I download the app?
The app is available through The App Store or Google Play. Just search for the app: SeTracker
Is the app available in multiple languages?
YES. The app supports English, French, Dutch, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Turkish, Russian languages.
Which SIM card do I need for the watch?
All you need is a Micro-sim card with a data abonnement.
The Smartwach keeps asking me my pin code, how do I enter it without keyboard?
Before you put the SIM card inside the watch you will first need to put it in your mobile to deactivate the pin code question. After that, simply put it back inside the watch and it will work.
Is it working internationally?
Yes. But be careful, your device will work on roaming and could cause additional charge, depending on the region. Please contact your network provider to know the extra costs.
Will I get alerts on my phone?
YES. There are 3 types of alerts:
1) if the SOS Button is held down you receive a text letting you know that your kid needs you;
2) if your kid crosses over the geo-fence boundary you created in the app;
3) if the watch is removed more then a minute.
Can more than one phone have alerts from one device?
YES. You can program multiple phones to track one watch. This will be done through your account on the App, which will require a user name and password to access your secure account.
Are they waterproof?
No. They are only splash proof.
Will the battery last all day?
YES. Low-power consumption ensures long battery life, 24 hours or more under normal conditions. Just recharge at night, and it will be ready the next day.
Is the watch easy to charge?
YES. Simply plug the USB connector into any USB port. Your wall plug-in or laptop will work great.
Is there a warranty?
YES. Each watch is delivered with a one year warranty against manufacturer defects.


Sophie Duroy

It’s crazy what the technology nowadays can do! Great value for money! Thanks WatchYourKid to let me know where my kids are at any time of the day.

John Annoye

I have never been so happy to look at an app! And the intercom is just the best, it allows me to let my child know how much I love him!

Jean Paul Defrenne

The Geo-fence function is my favorite. It keeps my mind focus on work knowing that my child is safe.

Julie Teyens

What a great product to travel with!! Just went to France with it and no more fear to lose my children when we are visiting places. Thanks WatchYourKid!